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Demonic Forensics
Welcome to Demonic Forensics, a Buffyverse, CSIverse and Supernatural AU fic series. We know Sunnydale had a Hellmouth, but what about other cities? What if people were trying to open all of them in a short span of time? What if some of the bad guys were good, and the good guys were bad? Who could you trust?

This is a series co-written by afteriwake and aaronlisa, based on a A:tS/CSI fic called "Geek Love." Over the years it expanded to cover all the CSI shows, as well as Supernatural. We will be incorporating characters from all three shows, and be focusing on three cities: New York City, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. The series goes AU at different points for each show, but by the time the series begins the beginning of the Apocalypse has started, even if it hasn't affected everyone involved yet.
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